9 Successful MLM Strategies

Network marketing has gotten a bad reputation for many different reasons. Every time we go to the mall or gym, a salesperson is pitching the next life-altering skin care product,weight loss pill, along with everything in under the sun. Friends are texting our phones and spamming our Social Media profiles with the same silly headline, “You can’t  miss this once in a lifetime amazing  opportunity! I’m going straight to the top and I want to take you along for the ride.” As potential customers, we immediately get turned off and don’t want to hear anything whatsoever about these companies and products. What’s even worse is that we end up having contempt for these friends after the fact. Our impression of these friends has now shifted from friend to annoying salesperson. They become known as the “pyramid scheme guy or girl” and we tend to avoid them at all costs and their company scheme.

As a business owner who runs a business blog, I probably get hit up with the “best opportunity ever” email at least 5 times per week . I had given up on listening to anything that had to do with these type of companies. Then, I fell in love with the Kyani MLM  business model that is changing the entire network marketing industry. It happened to be a combination of 3 nutrition products called the triangle of health that ended up being far superior to anything available to the public to date. As a result,I was now enthusiastic about spreading the word and promoting this product line.I made a list below of the core strategies I stand by which I believe will generate success and improve relationships in my business.

1. I don’t push my service or my product on everyone. I will discuss it with you, and only educate you on the benefits of the product and opportunity. If it’s not your own time, I’ll simply be there if you are ready.

2. I inform my clients of my intentions before I push or sell my products. I don’t start the conversation with a bunch of hype and false promises.

3. I don’t stand by products just to make a profit. I stand by the ones that will really make a big difference in peoples lives; the income that comes along with distributing the products is just an extra bonus.

4. I start with researching the organization.How long have they been in business? Does the company have scientists, doctors, or business experts? What does the Better Business Bureau say concerning this organization? If it’s a natural product exactly what does the nutritional guide say about it?

5. I don’t think I’m better than anyone who chooses to never to do my business. This business is not for everybody and that I don’t behave like it’s.

6. My up-line is sincere and heart -centered. I want to have my down-line become as profitable as me, and so I work for them. I trust them to help me make the very best decisions for me, not just for them.

7. My team leader doesn’t treat me less than anyone about the group. He treats us all equal and checks in to ensure that we are achieving our goals.

8. I get excited to reach goals, not due to the money but since I know it elevates my entire team.

9. I host events to educate my customers concerning the products but I give them other options if the items are not suitable for them.

I honestly feel that network marketing can be an extremely lucrative business when done correctly.This 9 core rules of success are designed to help everyone achieve success and sustainability in this business.

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