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What does insurance get you? For most people, the answer is peace of mind, because the truth is, we all pray we never have to use it. Whether mandatory by law, such as automobile insurance, or optional, like long-term disability insurance, if you’re filing a claim, it means something bad has happened and you need compensation . As rough as that can be, imagine finding out your claim is being denied by your insurance carrier. Unfortunately, this occurs all too frequently with many Canadian disability insurance companies. Learn what you can do to protect yourself and your rights.

Read Your Policy

This may seem obvious, but quite frequently people don’t read their insurance policy. Although the language can be boring and perhaps abstract as well, it is not a good idea to rely on another party (especially the insurance company) to inform you what your policy covers and, most importantly, what it fails to cover.

Understand Your Policy

The main thing to understand in your policy is what determines eligibility. You may think you understand, but pay close attention to the policy’s language. Despite the use of a plain-English word, there may be a section in the policy that “defines” that word differently for purposes of the policy. Basic terms, such as “disability,” are defined in the policy and how those terms are interpreted will be critical to the outcome of your claim.

Be Aware of Insurer Shady Tactics

Many insurance companies use different tactics in an effort to deny your claim, including, for example:

  • Being vague or  deceptive in explaining coverage when you first obtain the policy;
  • Blaming you the client for failing to provide the necessary documents to properly process your claim;
  • Claiming not to have received documents you sent by mail;
  • Sending you the wrong claim forms;
  • Basing your denial on standards not contained in your policy; and/or
  • Employing biased medical personnel to review your file and incentivizing them to encourage denials.

Fight Back

If you have been sent a denial letter, do not automatically assume that  your claim is not valid. You have the right to an appeal. It is important, however, that you file your appeal in a timely manner and that your appeal includes all the information that may be relevant and important to your claim. If you don’t, and your appeal is denied, you may not be able to introduce that supporting evidence in subsequent litigation.

Contact a Winnipeg Disability Insurance Lawyer

Insurance is big business driven by profits which means they actually make money through the denial of legitimate claims. A Winnipeg Disability Insurance Lawyer can help you level the playing field. Call us Lawyer Jason Harvey today schedule your free initial consultation.Call 204-944-3226.



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